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Senior Benefits — Mailing from Georgia

Our member and correspondent from Georgia, Pat Sprunt sent us this dispatch in early October:

“Thousands of Seniors nationwide are applying for the **New Funeral Expense Benefit** which will pay up to $35,000 for these [funeral] expenses.”

The card Pat received invites you to “register” for benefits then shifts focus to receiving “information on the plan designed for today’s Seniors.” Well, is it registration or asking for a more detailed sales pitch? The starting text points out that federal government provides funeral expense benefits but that they are well below likely funeral costs. This is certainly true.

The core issue, however, is whether you need insurance (the likely product) and if so, whether you need it from this vendor. If you are well along in years, insurance gets pretty expensive. It may be appropriate in special situations but not as something linked to undefined government benefits (most likely a reference to a Social Security death benefit that is sometimes available).

Before nibbling on this offer, you need to review your financial and health situation, your specific funeral plans (you do have them written out, right?) and have conversations about this with your family and health care agent(s).

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Pat S.



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6 Responses to Senior Benefits

  1. Henry Bouchat says:

    My wife just received one of these cards. It implies that is only applicable to residents of Maryland. I trashed it.

    • M. R. says:

      Thanks  for  your  update, Mr. Bouchat. Because this dodgy message keeps arriving, it  must work some of the  time. But your local FCA affiliate is often a reliable source of information about your individual state.

  2. phillip holt says:

    I am glad I came to this site before I did anything. Thank you all.

  3. My husband just received a simple pink card with the simple address–send request to –Owasso OK–no company name, no identifiable marker–no sales pitch or direction; only the request for names,date of birth, phone number..and “important to register for benefits within 5 days of receipt..
    i would like real information with real company names, in my specific area as we find the funerary processes quite costly and worrisome.

    • tacf987 admin@tacf says:

      Dear Ms. Sellers,

      Thanks for posting your query. Like our member Pat Sprunt, about whose experience I wrote the article above, and myself (I think I received a similar post card in the past six weeks, I think we all recognize these as fishing expeditions so that they can make a phone pitch to us.

      Our experience here at FCAT is that while funeral (and related) planning has its worrisome aspects, done in advance it is a very sure way to develop plans that keep funerals and their costs aligned with your values and resources.

      We would be pleased to talk with you by phone or have an email from you
      (to, if you wish to explore your options more specifically.

      You might find the article I posted today of interest, among other parts of our site:

      • thank you for the reply to my comment, i am somewhat familiar with burial practices in the US. but my circumstances are extremely limited so my husband and i must study all aspects of the present funerary marketing..we both opt for cremation as we live far from any living relatives who must not be burdened with costs..i am reading your links and blog. will share my findings and perhaps write about it in one of my own blogs to share care and concern. ns

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